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Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:25 am
# Add a memeber to a zone
> zoneadd "Crm1_zoneA", "server1_pci0_emulex"

# Copy an existing zone
> zoneCopy

# Create a new zone
> zonecreate "ZoneName", "Alias"

# Delete a zone
> zoneDelete

# Remove a zone from the configuration
> zoneRemove

# Rename a zone
> zoneRename

# Print the current zone configuration
> zoneShow

# Add a member to the configuration
> cfgAdd

# Copy a zone configuration
> cfgCopy

# Create a zone configuration
> cfgCreate

# Delete a zone configuration
> cfgDelete

# Remove a member from a zone configuration
> cfgRemove

# Rename a zone configuration
> cfgRename

# Print zone configuration
> cfgShow

# Add a member to a zone alias
> aliAdd

# Copy a zone alias
> aliCopy

# Create a zone alias
> aliCreate "server1_pci0_emulex", "10:00:00:00:c9:32:75:92"

# Delete a zone alias
> aliDelete

# Remove a member from a zone alias
> aliRemove

# Rename a zone alias
> aliRename

# Print zone alias information
> aliShow

# Show the entries in the name server
> nsshow

# Dump the error log
> errdump
> errshow

# Dump port errors
> portErrShow

# Print port error log
> portLogDump

# Print port activity
> portLogShow

# Disable and enable the switch
> switchdisable
> switchenable

# Configure a trunk port
> portCfgTrunkPort

# Download new firmware
> firmwareDownload

# Configure the domain and CorePID
> configure

# Show port statistics
> portStatsShow

# Commands required to create a new zone

1. Create an alias
$ alicreate "<alias name>", "PWWN"

2. Create a zone
$ zonecreate "Zone_name", "Alias_name; storage_port_alias"

3. Optionally add additional aliases to the zone
$ zoneadd "Current_zone_name", "Alias_to_add"

4. Optionally remove aliases from a zone
$ zoneremove "Current_zone_name", "Alias_to_remove"

5. Add the zone to the definied configuration
$ cfgadd "CFG_Name", "Zone_name"

6. Optionally remove a zone from the effective configuration
$ cfgremove "cfg_name", "Zone_name_to_remove"

7. Save the definied configuration to persisten storage
$ cfgsave

8. Enable the configuration
$ cfgenable "CFG_Name"

Re: 博科Brocade光纤交换机的一些基本命令

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:26 am

#remove zone configuration after disconnect storage from the fabric

#show zone info
#zoneshow "*ns480*" | grep zone

#show alias info
#alishow "*ns480" | grep alias

#show active config profile
#cfgshow | grep cfg

#remove the zone from config profile 'default'
#cfgremove "default", "sdcqhawksql_a_ns480_b5"

#remove zone
#zonedelete "sdcqhawksql_a_ns480_b5"

#remove alias
#alidelete ns480_b5

#cfgenable default


Re: 博科Brocade光纤交换机的一些基本命令

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:32 am

sdcpsansw01:admin> nodefind 21:00:00:24:FF:19:A0:58
Type Pid COS PortName NodeName SCR
N 0c2300; 3;21:00:00:24:ff:19:a0:58;20:00:00:24:ff:19:a0:58; 0x00000003
FC4s: FCP [DGC LUNZ 0430]
NodeSymb: [51] "QLE2562 FW:v8.04.00 DVR:v8.07.00.34.Trunk-SCST.19-k"
Fabric Port Name: 20:23:00:05:1e:8d:f6:d5
Permanent Port Name: 21:00:00:24:ff:19:a0:58
Device type: Physical Initiator
Port Index: 35
Share Area: No
Device Shared in Other AD: No
Redirect: No
Partial: No

sdcpsansw01:admin> alicreate "netbackup5240_hba0","20:00:00:24:ff:19:a0:58"
sdcpsansw01:admin> alishow netback*
alias: netbackup5240_hba0

sdcpsansw01:admin> alishow *sdctl02*
alias: sdctl02_drive1
alias: sdctl02_drv1
alias: sdctl02_drv2

sdcpsansw01:admin> zonecreate "netbackup5240_hba0__sdctl02_drv1","netbackup5240_hba0;sdctl02_drv1"
sdcpsansw01:admin> cfgadd "default","netbackup5240_hba0__sdctl02_drv1"

sdcpsansw01:admin> zonecreate "netbackup5240_hba0__sdctl02_drv2","netbackup5240_hba0;sdctl02_drv2"
sdcpsansw01:admin> cfgadd "default","netbackup5240_hba0__sdctl02_drv2"

sdcpsansw01:admin> zoneshow netbackup*
zone: netbackup5240_hba0__sdctl02_drv1
netbackup5240_hba0; sdctl02_drv1
zone: netbackup5240_hba0__sdctl02_drv2
netbackup5240_hba0; sdctl02_drv2

sdcpsansw01:admin> cfgsave
The changes you are attempting to save will render the
Effective configuration and the Defined configuration
inconsistent. The inconsistency will result in different
Effective Zoning configurations for switches in the fabric if
a zone merge or HA failover happens. To avoid inconsistency
it is recommended to commit the configurations using the
'cfgenable' command.

Do you want to proceed with saving the Defined
zoning configuration only? (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
Updating flash ...

sdcpsansw01:admin> cfgenable default
You are about to enable a new zoning configuration.
This action will replace the old zoning configuration with the
current configuration selected. If the update includes changes
to one or more traffic isolation zones, the update may result in
localized disruption to traffic on ports associated with
the traffic isolation zone changes.
Do you want to enable 'default' configuration (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
zone config "default" is in effect
Updating flash ...