3PAR – Automation/Part IV: Creating SAN zones


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3PAR – Automation/Part IV: Creating SAN zones

Post by admin » Tue May 01, 2012 9:35 pm

3PAR – Automation/Part IV: Creating SAN zones

Author Dung Hoang Khac

The script Generate-SAN-Zones.ps1 takes input from the 2 CSV files generated from scripts in PART II / PART III and generates definition for SAN Zones. Download the script from the code repository

Basically. it generates alias definition for each initiator/target and 1 zone per initiator/target. Examples of definitions are shown in the screenshot below.

The script creates 2 txt files SAN-1.txt and SAN-2.txt. each contains commands to be executed against a given switch using the PS function:

type c:\SAN-1.txt | % { run-plink –chassis <IP-Address-of-SAN-Switch> –username admin –password password –command $_}
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