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Postby SYSTEM » 2013-11-25 22:15

========Posted by Andreas=========

I am planning an update of the ESX infrastructure to ESXi 5.1. It is planned to create new datastores formatted with VMFS 5 and to move all VMs into these new datastores and to delete the old once.

VAAI will be enabled as well.

The 3PARs are currently installed on 3.1.1 MU1. The next 3PAR update to 3.1.2 MU3 is planned for the future.
Any suggestions if an 3PAR OS should be done before the ESX update happens, if yes what is the technical reason for this.

So far I have check the SPOCK and found to VAAI Plugin following:


I am confused with the Note which points to 2.2.0 for OS 2.3.1 MU2 and higher but is not required or recommended with 3PAR OS 3.1.1 and higher.
Which VAAI version should we use? Any idea how I have to read this note?

Any input is welcome.
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Re: 3PAR and VAAI

Postby SYSTEM » 2013-11-25 22:17

========Posted by K=========

There is no plug-in required to install for 3.1.1 later as it is default enabled on both 3PAR and VMWare.

Only plug-in required if you are using Latest VMware and Older 3PAR OS. If both are latest nothing is required.
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