Patching HP-UX systems — Help index

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Patching HP-UX systems — Help index

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Patching HP-UX systems — Help index


HPE recommends that you follow the steps below to patch your HP-UX system.

Install on your system the latest quality pack patch bundle(s) delivered on the support plus release. Quality pack patch bundles are released regularly and deliver the most reliable and thoroughly tested set of patches for your system. If there are any recommended additional patches which address warnings against patches in the bundle, be sure to include them as well.
Run a patch assessment on your system to identify the appropriate security patches, patches for subsystems or applications not covered by the quality pack patch bundles, as well as replacements for installed patches with critical warnings. Running a patch assessment ensures that your system has the currently recommended configuration.
Subscribe to the appropriate support information digests for your system. This will keep you informed of new patches for your system as they become available.

Following these steps will ensure that you have the most reliable and secure system available.

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Standard HP-UX Patch Bundles

The web pages for each release provide information and download instructions for the required patch bundles (BUNDLE11i), along with the FEATURE11i, Hardware Enablement (HWE) and Quality Pack (QPK) patch bundles. FEATURE11i is updated with new patches that are required for the support of new or updated software features in HP-UX 11i Version 2and Version 3 media releases. The HWE bundle gets updated as needed for new hardware support. QPK patch bundles are updated every six months for each operating system (OS) version - in June and December for HP-UX 11i Version 1 and 2, with updates in March and September for HP-UX 11i Version 3.

The updates to the HWE bundle include only those patches that are needed for the support of new hardware, while the updates to the QPK bundles provide defect-fix patches for proactive maintenance. Contents for these bundles follow these basic guidelines:

new patches that only address hardware enablement will only be added to the HWE bundle;
new patches that only address defect fixes will only be added to the QPK bundle;
new patches that deliver hardware enablement as well as defect fixes will be added to both the QPK and HWE bundles.

Based on these guidelines, you may find different versions of patches(sometimes older, sometimes newer) in the HWE or QPK bundles for a given version of HP-UX.

The FEATURE11i patch bundle consists of patches that are required for product enablement and core defect fixes exposed by new product features. The HP-UX 11i Version 2 and Version 3 Application Software media and the OE Update media include the FEATURE11i patch bundle with the required patches for software products in each release. The Patch Management User Guide provides more information about the use of HP-UX patches and the Standard HP-UX Patch Bundles.

The Standard HP-UX Patch Bundles pages provide information and installation instructions for the following patch bundles:

HP-UX 11i Version 1 Required Patch Bundle (BUNDLE11i)

The HP-UX 11i Version 1 Required Patch Bundle consists of required kernel header files and cold install/update patches for all HP-UX 11i Version 1 workstations and servers.

Hardware Enablement (HWE)

The HP-UX Hardware Enablement bundle provides the minimal number of patches to support new and legacy hardware for each HP-UX 11i version.

Quality Pack (QPK)

The HP-UX Quality Pack includes all stable defect-fix patches for HP-UX core, graphics, key networking drivers, and applications supported on HP-UX 11i OE update releases. HPE thoroughly tests each Quality Pack bundle with the same tests as a new HP-UX OS release.
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